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LLD70 puffs  make machinery

LLD70 puffs make machinery

Product Description Hello friend, Thanks for your visit and observe, This is Suki China, If you want to know more information LDout our machinery you can contact me...
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Puffed Snack Production Line Description

Product Description

Hello friend, Thanks for your visit and observe,This is Suki China,If you want to know more information LDout our machinery you can contact me independent.Any inquiry is welcomed~18753110771

1.Twin screw extruder are made of feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, lubrication system, and control system.

2. The feeding system, main driving system and cutting system adopt adjusting speed by inverter, strong power, stable operation, saving Enerable.

3. Automatically lubricating, forced cooling, to ensure safe operation and prolong the service life of extrusion machinery.

4. The screw adopts Alloy 38CrMoAL, processed by special Technology.

5. Different structure and length diameter ratio of screw extrusion system can meet the requirements of different products and Technology.

6. We are professional manufaturer, so we can corry on targeted desity as customers' actual situation to meet customers' requirements.

7. The Fish food extruder flow chart:
Grain grinder---Mixer---Screw conveyor---Twin screw Extruder---Shifter---Dryer---Shifter---Oil LDer---Double roller--Pack system

8. If you want to know more information pls feel free to contact me

Miss Suki


Twin Screw Extruder

The advantage of Double screw Extruder.

Compared with the single screw Extruder,Our Double screw Extruder has 3 most important advantages.

1.Capacity:The Capacity of Double screw Extruder is larger than the single screw Extruder.

2.The life of the screw and barrel: Compared with the Double screw Extruder, The Single Screw Extruder`s Pressure between the barrel and screw is much bigger than Double screw Extruder,so it will shorten the life of the screw and barrel then It will be Affect customer normal production schedule.

3.Cleaning Methods:Double screw extruder has a self-cleaning function,it will be more easy to clean the Extruder.

Dry LLDe Wet LLDe

What`s the differences between the Dry LLDe machinery and the Wet LLDe machinery?

The Wet LLDe machinery will usually be used in High Capacity fish feed /pet feed/ Soy Protein area.

The first difference is the Wet LLDe machinery will use a Modulator device to cook the raw material in advance then the raw material will go through the screw and barrel.

The second difference is the Wet LLDe machinery will use a Boiler to provide steam for the Extruder and Dryer/Oven, It can save electricity fees.

The third difference is the Wet LLDe machinery can Using high protein content raw materials to ensure that final products containing high protein content,It`s good for pets and fishes and so on.

Model Installed power Real power Output
LLD65 70kw 40kw 100-150kg/h
LLD70 90kw 50kw 200-240kg/h
LLD85 120kw 100kw 400-500kg/h
LLD90 135kw 100kw 800-1000kg/h
FAQDetailed s

Free LDare parts list.

specific parts of the purchased equipment is determined by the model you choose.

Pack & very

1.Woodenpackfor Floating fish food pellet machinery fish food extruder machinery.

2.All machinerys apply Fumigation of wooden packaging.

3.We guarantee the quality of packaging to ensure your machinerys safety.

4.Details contact: Miss Suki 18753110771

Our Service


a.) Free consuLDation service before, during, and after sales;

b.) Free project plng and desity services;

c.) Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

d.) Free management of equipments' long distance shipping from seller's factory to named place by buyer;

e.) Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

f.) Free new production techniques and formulas;

g.) Provide 1 year complete warrantee and life-time maintenance service;The seller is reLDonsible for the nature damage of the in one year except for man-made damage.All LDare parts and wearing parts are attached with the for free; and these parts should be enough for one year use.

Range of products

Our range of products includes:

1) Complete extruded snacks food plant for make products like corn ball, corn ring, corn curl, fried pellet etc.

2) Complete plant to make breakfast cereals in different size and shape and corn flakes

3) Complete plant to make pet food, dog food, cat food, fish food, bird food etc.

4) Complete plant to make soya portioned food

5) Complete plant to make fresh Potato, Banana, Cassava, Fruits and Vegetable chips

6) Complete plant to make biscuits and cookies and other bakery items

7) Complete plant to make roasted and coated nuts, beans and lentils.

8) Complete plant to make Indian Snacks like Namakeen, Sev, Ganthia, Khakhara, Roti, Pappadam etc.

9) Primary and secondarypackmachinerys for snacks food products

10) Tailor made snacks food machinery as per specific need of customer

Lookforward to hear from you
Miss Suki


Replacement Pump of LLD70 puffs make machinery data list

dough kneading machine 1kg90 mm160 mmCorrosion ResistantBearing
chapati flour mixer600 mm870 mm200 mm13,5 mm
best atta kneader90 mm115 mm13 mmN/A
flour mixer machine for bakeryPlastic0.551 Inch | 14 MillimeterMIL-PRF-23827, MIL-PRF-3150N/A
wheat mixing machine9 mm90C3-LooseN/A
flour mixing machine for home price0.669 Inch | 17 Millimeter1.85 Inch | 47 Millimeter15 mmN/A
flour kneader5.5000 in6.2500 in0.5000 in600x870x200
kitchenaid flour guard60mm110mm22mmMIL-PRF-23827, MIL-PRF-3150
flour mixer machine for home25,4 mm52 mm34,92 mmM10x1
atta kneading machine price50 mm90 mm51.6 mm11.16 Hz
kitchenaid wheat grinder38,1 mm95 mmC332.6 mm


Replace Pump of Puffed Snack Production Line Parameter list

dough kneading machine 1kg15 mm28 mm2.75 mm80000 N
flour mixer machine for home15 mm0.984 Inch / 25 Millimeter31 mm0.76 kg
best atta kneader4000 rpm130MM Straight Bore; 200MM Outside Diameter; 69MM Width; C0-Medium Clearance; Shaft Mount; Double Row of Spherical Roller Bearings; Steel Cage Material; 2 Seals Enclosure; Not Relubricatable38 mm1.208
kitchenaid flour guard5.118 Inch | 130 Millimeter7.874 Inch | 200 Millimeter2.717 Inch | 69 Millimeter7.94
atta mixing bowl2.00 mmSolid62 mm -
flour mill attachment for mixer grinder1.5000 in101.5 mm130 mmMetric
flour mixer machine for bakery1.009 in2Seawater2.047 Inch / 52 Millimeter
wheat mixing machine120.000 mm180.0000 mm28.00 mm16.4
kitchenaid wheat grinder29,31 mm62 mm24 mm3400 rpm
flour dough maker21,6 kNC_R_HMSA10Yes3400 rpm
flour mixing machine for home price24.512.8 kNP204N-120.000 mm



LLD70 puffs make machinery Video



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LLD70 puffs make machinery Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
corn snacks machinery corn puff make machinerys 1 Set US$1050US$7249
Snack bar food equipment machinery bugles chips make equipment 1 Set US$1908US$6979
Co-extruded Puffed Extruded Corn make machinery 1 Set US$1170US$6977
automatic corn snacks processing extruder machinery price 1 Set US$1874US$7978
High quality corn flakes production machinery 1 Set US$1493US$7547
1 Set US$1380US$5941
Extruded jam center/corn filled production line with CE standard 1 Set US$1345US$5492


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