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jinan puffed food machinery industry

jinan puffed food machinery industry

In Jinan City, where China's puffed food machinery industry is relatively developed, there are currently dozens of expansion equipment manufacturers of various sizes. In addition to generating more than one billion yuan of output value, these enterprises earn back nearly US$100 million in foreign exchange for the country. According to the person in charge of the more influential Shandong ADO Puffing Machinery Co., Ltd., after years of development, Jinan puffing machinery products have been popular in the domestic food market,

many of which have also crossed the country. In particular, the expansion equipment of the two brands ADO and LEADER is not only the main sales field in the foreign market, but also a strong opponent of some old puffing machinery. Although the Jinan puffed food machinery industry has strong research and development strength, as the industry is all private enterprises, the economic income is mostly invested in remanufacturing, but few are used to develop production bases. As a result, even the well-known brand enterprises are currently in an embarrassing situation of “staying under the fence”, which seriously restricts the healthy development of the industry. In order to solve the above dilemma, since the second half of last year,

Shandong ADO Puffing Machinery Co., Ltd., an established enterprise in the puffed food machinery industry in Jinan, has taken the lead in exploring. Facing the current situation of enterprise expansion and planning difficulties caused by Jinan city construction, they decided to use the current convenient transportation and communication conditions to expand the scale of enterprises across regions and strive to achieve substantial development. As the executive director unit of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, Shandong ADO Puffing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. For more than ten years, he has been committed to the development and research of extrusion-expanded food technology and equipment. He has developed the first to third generation of puffed food production technology and equipment in China, and has won the “National Key New Product” award and many awards. The patented technology has been praised by relevant experts as a pioneer in domestic extrusion technology. It is understood that Shandong ADO, who dared to be the first in enterprise development, had a big deal a few years ago. From the birthplace of the company, which has been in the fortune for many years, it has moved to the current factory with the largest scale in the industry.

However, with the rapid introduction of more than a dozen new equipment such as fruit and vegetable chips production lines and the increasing market demand, the ever-expanding production scale has made the existing factory area stretched again. According to Shandong ADO Puffing Machinery Co., Ltd.,ADO machine such as Laboratory Microwave Equipment ,Banana chips processing line ,Burger Patty Machine ,mixing machine,cooling machine ,lobster Shrimp sorting machine ,Meat Patty Forming Machine ,Mineral Powder Microwave Dryer ,Microwave Pyrolysis and Extraction processing line ,Microwave Heating and Thawing Equipment ,Microwave Drying Equipment .

after setting up a factory in Tai'an, in addition to expanding the main business of puffing machinery, it will also participate in the R&D and production of puffed foods with the above advantages. ADO told reporters that they have reached an agreement with the relevant departments of Taian a few days ago. After the completion of the 300-acre plant in Shandong ADO I will assist the local construction of a “expanded food industrial park” with a large area of several thousand mu. ADO said that by then, Shandong ADO's equipment and market will achieve unprecedented "zero distance" contact, not only can save packaging and transportation costs, but also provide great convenience for equipment after-sales service to Shandong ADO in the county's operation and development A number of preferential policies have been introduced. In addition to the construction of the plant area, including the “Jiutong Yiping” including highway access, water supply, power supply and land leveling, all administrative fees will be waived, and all preferential treatment of the county’s development zone will be enjoyed. management. These will not only accelerate the expansion of Shandong ADO, but also strengthen the production strength of China'sKurkure Cheetos Nik Naks Making Machine ,Chemical and Pharmacy Powder drying equipment ,Magic corn toy/filling packing material noodle making machine Instant Noodle Process Line Spaghetti Process Line ,Tortilla Chips Process Line ,Aquatic Feed Processing Line ,3D Pellet Snack Food Process Line ,Breakfast Cereal & Corn Flakes Process Line ,Cleaning equipment ,Latex and Rubber Dryer ,Fish Feed/Pet Food/treats process line ,peanut crusher machine ,microwave desiccation and stelilization ,Bread Crumb Process Line,Fried wheat flour process line ,macaron making machine ,Cheetos/Kurekure\Nik Nak Process Line ,Fish Meal Machinery ,Baby powder processing line ,Fried chips snacks processing line ,Fruit and Vegetable Machines ,Doritos processing line ,corn puff extruder machine,peanut peeling machine,tea bag packing machine,Biscuit production line,Corn Flake Making Machine,peanut sorting machine,,Meat processing machine ,Defrost Function Microwave Dryer,Soap Making Machine ,Frying machine ,herb coarse crusher ,freeze dryer equipment paint drying equipment ,Insect and Bug Drying Machine ,Baked Snacks Food Machine ,Deoiling Machine ,Puffed Snack Production Line ,Soft and Hard Biscuit production line ,2D Pellet Snack Food Process Line ,microwave conveyor belt ,Breakfast cereals machine ,Packing machines ,Grinding machine,Meat Patty Forming Machine ,Mineral Powder Microwave Dryer ,Microwave Pyrolysis and Extraction processing line ,Microwave Heating and Thawing Equipment ,Microwave Drying Equipment ,Pastry process machine ,Defrosting Machine ,mixer machine,,

and will also have a positive impact on the overall development of the Jinan puffing machinery industry. At present, there are many puffing machinery enterprises in Jinan that have shown obvious interest in the expansion of Shandong ADO. Some have also borrowed from the practice of Shandong ADO and started to develop specific plans. It is believed that with the opening of this breakthrough, Jinan's puffing machinery industry will usher in a new round of development.

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