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how to select snack machine

how to select snack machine

1 ripening
The aging is to improve the gelatinization degree of the feed, to improve the water-resistance of the pellet feed, and to improve the granulation performance and the eating quality. The curing process is still in its infancy. At present, the post-curing process selects the curing stabilizer with steam adding system and jacket insulation device to keep the material temperature at 80~90 °C, and the particles can be kept in the machine for 20~40 minutes (adjustable), so that the particles Starch gelatinization or a network structure can meet the requirements of water resistance of more than 6 hours.

2 extrusion (expansion), extruder
The working principle of the extrusion (expansion) device is very similar to that of the extruder. The main difference is that the structural parameters and process parameters are quite different, such as the screw compression ratio, working pressure and working temperature. So choose the model to fully understand whether the various parameters are suitable for the requirements of use.

For the selection of the extruder, the main structural parameters should be understood first: the screw compression ratio, 1.05~1.20:1, the extrusion chamber temperature is 120~130°C, and the working pressure in the extrusion chamber is 9.8×105~4.9×106. Pa. The destruction rate of harmful factors is above 80%~90%, and the degree of gelatinization of starch is 85%~90%. In addition, whether the material of the screw and the screw sleeve is alloy steel, whether the processing method is reasonable and advanced, and the performance after heat treatment, these parameters have a direct relationship with the use effect, and cannot be ignored, must be understood.

3 extruder
It is mainly suitable for the production of finished products for special feeds. It has complete destruction of harmful factors in feed, high degree of gelatinization of starch, high digestion and absorption rate of feed, safe and reliable, and is an indispensable main equipment for special feed production. The extruder has a wet method and a dry method.

The structural parameters and process parameters of the extruder are generally as follows: the screw compression ratio is 1:4~2:4, the pressure in the extrusion chamber is 4.90×106~3.43×107 Pa, and the internal temperature is 150~220°C. The rate is 1.5 to 8.0 times or more, and the degree of gelatinization is over 95%. When the properties of the materials are different, the parameters of the screw and the screw sleeve of the extruder must be different, otherwise the extruder is difficult to achieve the best results. There are various types of extruders of different varieties and specifications available in China. In short, in addition to the above parameters in the selection of models, it is necessary to pay attention to the rationality, advancement and screw performance of the pre-tempering part, to fully understand the situation of the machine, while the characteristics of raw materials and finished products are manufactured. The factory should be clear, so that you can choose a more satisfactory extruder. The dry puffing machine has a simple structure, low cost, high energy consumption and difficult operation; while the wet puffing machine has a complicated structure, low energy consumption, less wear and tear on parts, and is easier to operate than a dry puffing machine. In general, the extruder operation is more difficult than the granulator.

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