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Big capacity vacuum insects and worms microwave dryer

Big capacity vacuum insects and worms microwave dryer

Big capacity vacuum insects and worms microwave dryer Product Description Description of insects and worms microwave dryer: The insects and worms...
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  • Big capacity vacuum insects and worms microwave dryer
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Insect and Bug Drying Machine Description

Big capacity vacuum insects and worms microwave dryer

Product Description

Description of insects and worms microwave dryer:

The insects and worms microwave dryer is different from the traditional drying machine, which is the overall heating, because the external heat is easy to distribute, so its heat conduction direction and moisture diffusion direction are same. Compared with the traditional drying method, it has the advantages of large drying rate, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to realize automatic control and improve product quality, so it is more and more important in various fields of drying.

Drying Materials

Application Of insects and worms microwave dryer:

Pasta classes :non-fried fast noodles,fine dried noodles ,stewed noodles

Dates :dried dates,date paste,slice dates

Dehydrated Vegetables :all kinds of vegetables

Meat :Beef ,pork ,chicken ,fish ,duck

Condiment :sauce ,dosing etc

Flowers :Rose ,honeysuckle ,chrysanthemum,peony

Grain and nuts:Filbert ,Chinese chestnut ,peanut ,nut,almond ,pine nut ,pistachio nut ,melon seeds,grain

Bean products :bean ,mung bean ,tofu ,dried tofu.

Technical Parameters

Working principle of insects and worms microwave dryer:

Microwave drying machinery is used of electromagnetic induction or infrared radiation to dry the raw material.

By microwave energy permeation, the material inner moisture quickly been heated and gasified, forming a strong outward diffusion situation, to make the moisture extremely quickly spread to the surface.

The Main Components of insects and worms microwave dryer:

1.Microwave generator system

2.Microwave box

3.Temperature controlling system

4.Humidity controlling system

5.Transmission system

6.PLC and touch screen control system

7.Humidity discharging system

8.Electrical cabinets

9.Cooling system

10.Hot air recycling and circulatory system

Product Name

insects and worms microwave dryer
Device type Transmission belt
Microwave frequency 2450±50MHz
Power 20-200kw
Size (8-24)m*(1.3-2)m*(1.3-2.2)m
Transmission speed 0-5m/minute
Input voltage Three-PhaseAC 380V
Weight 1.3t-18t
Cabinet color Silverh white
The whole material Industrial grade stainless steel
Microwave leakage limit ≤1mW/cm²
Ambinet teme perature -10-40°c
working time 24 hours

Features of insects and worms microwave dryer:

1.Microwave generating system is used high-quality original device microwave electronics accessories which are high-quality original device, high performance, high reliability, and long life.

2.Small investment, fast-drying, evaporation, high strength.

3.insects and worms microwave dryer have a uniform drying effect. Because of water molecules is the best microwave absorptive material and different water content parts has different microwave absorptive amount, so the final moisture of material is very uniform.

4.Our insects and worms microwave dryer is energy-efficient. Microwave direct on the material, so there is no heat loss. It can save 30% power than far-infrared heat.

5.insects and worms microwave dryer has a short drying time, the microwave is from the every directions into the material, both inner and surface water are heated, it greatly reduce the drying time,

6.Our insects and worms microwave dryer have advanced design easy operation, and no thermal inertia. You just need to control the system, then the insects and worms microwave dryer can work by itself.

7.The transmission speed of insects and worms microwave dryer can be adjusted, you can adjust the transmission speed according to different capacity and different moisture.

Case show

Case show of insects and worms microwave dryer:

Company Information

Established in 2005, Gongyi Guoxin Machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of drying equipment in Central China, with a modern complex occupying 5,000 square meters. With the support of dedicated employees and application of over 100 advanced machines, we have built a good reputation in the industry and successfully exported our high efficient dryers to more than 90 countries and regions, including Russia, central Asia, Brazil, the United States, Europe, Middle East and so forth.
Compliant with requirements and standards of CE and ISO certificates, our drying machines are well received among customers both at home and abroad. According to customers' feedbacks and practical experience, it's estimated that drying machines by Guoxin realize at least 80% dehydration and deep process of raw materials.
Our main products include rotary dryer,continuous type mesh belt dryer, drying oven and more.

Why Choose Us?

1,we are factory, not dealer, we can quote u best price.

2. we have stable work team and qualified engineer.

3. we have long cooperation shipping agency,can help u get the best freight.

4. our all products are approved CE quality inspection certificates.


1) How is the quality of your products?
Our all products are certificated with CE quality inspection. Also manufactured strictly according to national and international standard, and we take a test on every machine before delivery.

2) What guarantee do you provide?
If the quality is not consistent with the description as we said or promised before you place order, we promise you 100% refund.And we now support Alibaba Trade assurance which can protect your money safe,if we don't deliver on time,and the quality is not good after you receive,we gurantee 100% refund.

3) How about price?
We have our own factory and can give you the competitive price. Besides, we have a policy that " for saving time and absolutely honest business attitude, we quote as low as possible, discount can be given according to quantity".

Contact information

Contact person:

Gongyi Guoxin Machinery factory
Tel: 0086-371-68530216 Fax:0086-371 - 68530223
Mob: 0086-18736021765 (WhatsApp ID) (Wechat ID)


Replace Pump of Big capacity vacuum insects and worms microwave dryer Parameter list

atta dough making machine55 mm5/8 Inch18,7 Kg101.6
flour mixing machine 20kg152,4 mm307,975 mmDeep Groove | NBR Seal0.347
flour dough maker77 mm135 mmDouble Row | Double Nut31171527
flour mixing machine for home price1.813 Inch | 46.05 Millimeter0 Inch | 0 Millimeter0.347N/A
mockmill kitchenaid attachment2.688 Inch | 68.275 Millimeter4.08 Inch | 103.632 Millimeter9.988N/A
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flour mixer machine for home19 mmNo1.219N/A
grain mill attachment1-3/4 in2-1/8 in16.418,7 Kg
maida mixing machine price80 mm120 mm307,975 mm55.4 mm
kitchenaid flour guardBall6 mm4.08 Inch | 103.632 Millimeter114 mm


Big capacity vacuum insects and worms microwave dryer Part Parameters

wheat flour mixing machine0,6 Kg85 mm45 mm41 mm
cookwell instagrind service center0,536 Kg76,2 mm34,925 mm6
kitchenaid flour mixer0.478482.10.50.2825,654 mmN/A
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wheat mixer0.4558.661 Inch | 220 Millimeter6.299 Inch | 160 MillimeterN/A
wheat mixing machine0.2063.346 Inch | 85 Millimeter1.772 Inch | 45 MillimeterN/A
atta dough making machine4.99No Pilot[Aluminum Alloy] 2017 Aluminum AlloyN/A
flour mill attachment for mixer grinder - 2.047 Inch | 52 Millimeter0.787 Inch | 20 MillimeterN/A
atta mixing bowlOpen4.99Flanged Pilot TypeFlanged
flour mixer machine for home30,2 mm6.32 HzHeight Selection0.206
flour blender machine0.54 kgUCFL208-25541.937 Inch | 49.2 Millimeter



Big capacity vacuum insects and worms microwave dryer Video



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Big capacity vacuum insects and worms microwave dryer Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Fully automatic Microwave Herbs Dryer/Stevia Drying Machine/Microwave Oven 1 Set US$1999US$5032
hot new products for 2015 insect drying machine,insect dryer,dried insect dehydrator 1 Set US$1508US$7221
microwave dryer and sterilizer 1 Set US$1974US$5373
Insect bloodworms lyophilization machine vacuum freeze dryer 1 Set US$1190US$5629
60kw insect microwave drying and sterilizing machine and microwave dryer 1 Set US$1124US$7980
Commercial Dryer and New Condition drying machine insects dehydrator equipment 1 Set US$1800US$6542
microwave drying and sterilization machine 1 Set US$1446US$7672
Insect dehydration equipment 50kw belt type microwave dryer machine for tenebrio drying 1 Set US$1391US$5505


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