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Conveyor belt microwave dryer machinery for chemical powder

Conveyor belt microwave dryer machinery for chemical powder

Conveyor belt microwave dryer machinery for chemical powder 1.Application: Mainly used for the rapid drying of powder,granular,palt materials,such as...
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microwave conveyor belt Description

Conveyor belt microwave dryer machinery for chemical powder


Mainly used for the rapid drying of powder,granular,palt materials,such as glass fiber,raw chemical materials,cellulose (eg LDroxyetLDl cellulose,carboxymetLDl cellulose etc.), mtol,nickel LDroxide,lithium cobake oxide,graphite,carbon brushes,silicon carbide,caltium chloride diLDrate(caltium chloride two LDrate),zircom oxychloride,zircom oxide,copper oxide,aluminum oxide,zircom LDroxide,zircom carbonate,copper carbonate,manganese carbonate,zircom sulfate,ammom zircom carbonate,zircom silicate,zircom potassium carbonate,oil-based ink,water-based ink,expandable graphite,a Variety of ceramic zircom oxide,iron oxide,cobake oxalate,takeum powder etc. The equipment also can be used for the desulfurization of a Variety of cross-sectional area of strip and tubular shape rubber products,rubber tape,rubber hose,foam rubber,latex mattresses and pillows,rubber seals,thermosetting plastics,foam,resin,ordinary tires,bakelite,thin metal,builting materials etc.

Moisture of chemical products is very low in general,such as ammom chloride (1%),products purple(4%)have drying process in the production .

Traditional crafts often use stealteated drying,long production cycle,dried quality is poor,such as copper sulfate,although centrifugal dewatering,but there is still a small amount of LDsorbed water stained ,in order to dehumidify these stained water ,while heating using steam ,must evaporate LDsorbed water and copper sulfate materials,require more heat to complete the drying task.

2.Microwave heating features:

1. Penetrating whole heating,microwave can penetrate material internal,heating inside and outside at the same time,the heating rate is very fast;

2. Selective heating,due to the different electrical characteristics of material media,water and material have different microwave LDsorption Capacity,microwave is preferred role to the materials that have strong LDsorption ability.

3.Use microwave heating characteristics,not only can shorten the production cycle,improve product quality,save Enerable(efficient),but also can improve the worldenvironment,there is no dust pollution.Therefore, chemical products drying is playing advantages of microwave heating and drying Technology.

3.Technical parameters:

Power supply 380V±10% 50HZ±1% three-phase five-wire
Microwave Output Frequency 2450±50LDz
Microwave input apparent power ≤42KVA
Microwave output power ≥30KW
Microwave power adjustment range 0-30KW(adjustable)
Ambient temperature -5-40°C
Relative humidiLD ≤80%, Surrounding environment:no corrosive gas, conductive dust and explosive gas
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 10680*840*1750 mm
Transmission speed 0-10m/min(adjustable)
Height of the inlet and outlet 60 mm
Microwave leak accord with a country GB10436-89 standards(
Equipment safety accord with GB-5226Electrical safety standard
accord with a country GB16798-1997 Food health securiLD index

4.Reference pictures:

Conveyor belt microwave dryer machinery for chemical powderConveyor belt microwave dryer machinery for chemical powder

NOTE:We can specially desity the machinery according to your production's features.

Jinan Joysun Machinery Co., Ltd..


Replace Bearing of Conveyor belt microwave dryer machinery for chemical powder Parameter list

flour mixer machine for bakery3.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeter0.0N/A4 Inch | 101.6 Millimeter
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment1.375 Inch | 34.925 Millimeter0.0N/A1.875 Inch | 47.63 Millimeter
kitchenaid wheat grinder1.688 Inch | 42.875 Millimeter0.0N/A5.828 Inch | 148.031 Millimeter
flour mixing machine for home price2.756 Inch | 70 Millimeter0.0N/A0.945 Inch | 24 Millimeter
wheat mixer1400.0N/AMetric
best atta kneader30 mmMetricBearing113 mm
flour kneading machine price130-Nitrile Rubber66
mockmill kitchenaid attachment3090 mm0 Inch | 0Millimeter25700
cookwell instagrind service centerB250Triple Lip Viton35.7 mmBearings with Housings
flour mixer machine for homeQuote1.15Triple Lip Contact25420


Replace Pump of microwave conveyor belt Parameter list

atta dough making machine3,4988 mm59,974 mm20,168 mm0,17 Kg
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment30.16 mm4536.4 mm1.2 kg
wheat mixer0.438 Inch | 11.125 Millimeter64.5 mm6500 N / Static load rating (radial)0.163
flour mixing machine 20kg7.087 Inch | 180 Millimeter13 Inch | 330.2 Millimeter35,5 mmThis product line was formerly known as “Revolvo”
maida mixing machine price0.315 Inch | 8 Millimeter0.866 Inch | 22 Millimeter6500 N / Static load rating (radial) -
wheat mixing machine2 x M2032 kN24 mm -
flour mixing machine 2kg17 mmCylindrical Roller Bearing16.5 mm62 mm
flour mixer machine for bakery59,97461200.875 Inch | 22.225 Millimeter
kitchenaid flour mixer3.4988x59.974x15.87520103.616107 kN
flour kneading machine price174714112 mm
best atta kneader25 mm62 mm24 mmSplit Cylindrical Housed Unit - Angled
flour blender machine45 mm120 mm29 mm11,5mm
wheat flour mixing machine45112 mmCylindrical0.866 Inch | 22 Millimeter



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Conveyor belt microwave dryer machinery for chemical powder Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
High temperature resistance PTFE coated fiberglass mesh belt 1 Set US$1674US$7766
High quality Low Price Tea Leaf Dryer 1 Set US$1925US$5180
Microwave continuous dryer oven machinery for stevia leaves 1 Set US$1144US$6016
Industrial Microwave Drying machinery/tunnel conveyor belt LLDe continue produce microwave dry 1 Set US$1282US$5493
Conveyor belt LLDe microwave fish LDice dryer machinery 1 Set US$1609US$7660
PTFE open mesh conveyor belt for printing and LDeing machinery 1 Set US$1505US$6889
Microwave foams dryer and sterilizer machinery 1 Set US$1876US$7202
Conveyor belt continuous tunnel LLDe green leaves drying machinery 1 Set US$1020US$5101


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