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industrial microwave almond roasting machinery

industrial microwave almond roasting machinery

Industrial Continuous Conveyor belt LLDe Microwave Roasting machinery for Almond Features: 1.Application: Microwave industrial tunnelbake&puffing...
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microwave conveyor belt Description

Industrial Continuous Conveyor belt LLDe Microwave Roasting machinery for Almond Features:


Microwave industrial tunnelbake&puffing equipment are widely used in the peanuts,sesame seeds,wheat,melon seeds,sunflower seeds,peanuts,corn,soybeans,walnuts,almonds,chestnuts, pistachios,cashews,filbert and dried fruit etc;and for puffing of leisure food,Packrhizus chips,potato chips,dried shrimps,fish maw and so on.Compared with the traditional production methods,microwavebake foods are crisp and cious,puffed full of particles,natural color, beautiful appearance,and has insecticidal sterilization effect.


Microwave industrial tunnelbake and puffing equipment, roasting equipment, microwavebake equipment,continuous microwave roasting machinery,industrial microwave raostingbake machinery , drying and sterilization , widely used in the peanuts ,sesame seeds, wheat, melon seeds, peanuts, corn, soybeans, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, pistachios, cashews and dried fruit etcbake.Compared with the traditional production methods, microwavebake foods are crisp and cious, puffed full of particles, natural color, beautiful appearance, and has insecticidal sterilization.

Microwave industrial tunnel equipmentbake characteristics - high Enerable conversion efficiency, fast heating.Microwave oven does not heat itself, but the microwave Enerable penetrate the material, the friction between the polar molecules within the material and produce internal heat.Make the internal of processed material vaporize instantly ,pressurized expansion;and rely on the expansive force of gas,make polymer components structure degenerate,and become a network organization structure characteristics , stereoLLDes microporous substances.


1 While microwave equipmentbake, along with the bactericidal effect. Microwave sterilization reflect in the dual role of effects and non- effects , compared to the conventional temperature sterilization ,can obtain a satiLDactory sterilization in lower temperatures and a very short time.The sterilization temperature is around 80°C in general,the processing time is 3~5 minutes,and can maintain its nutrients.

2 Easy to operate. Microwave power and the conveyor speed can be LDeepless adjustment, there is no inertia, can open and stop at an time, easy to control,improve the production environment.Microwave equipment, no waste heat radiation, no dust, no noise, no pollution, easy to implement the testing standards of food Liene.

3 The puffing effect is obvious. The purpose of rapid microwave heating effect, make the material internal water molecules vaporize rapidly,then reach the purpose of puffing.

4 Low-temperature sterilization, less loss of nutrients.Retain vitamin C,conventional heating treatment for fruits and vegetables is 46% ~ 50%, but the microwave can reach 60%~90%.Retain vitamin A,conventional heating treatment is 58%,but the microwave can reach 84%,and does not affect the original flavor, is a good method for deep processing of fruits&vegetables and get green foods.


JN-40 Potato chips microwavebake and puffing equipment

Microwave output frequency


Microwave input apparent power


Microwave output power


Microwave power adjustment range


Ambient temperature


Overall dimension(L*W*H)


5.Reference pictures:

industrial microwave almond roasting machineryindustrial microwave almond roasting machinery

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Replace Bearing of industrial microwave almond roasting machinery Parameter list

flour mixing machine 2kg28,00033,00013,800 mm722,000
wheat flour mixing machine1302801 (Single)0.13
flour mixing machine for home price0.7500 inStraight0.00.699
kitchenaid flour guard1.969 Inch | 50 Millimeter2.835 Inch | 72 Millimeter0.00.13
kitchenaid wheat grinder1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter0.00.555
flour mixing machine 20kg3Ball Deep Groove0.00.4
grain mill attachment2-7/16 in7-5/8 inSpherical Roller31171547
dough kneading machine 1kg1.0000 in2.0472 in0.906 Inch | 23 Millimeter2
flour kneader0.472 Inch | 12 MillimeterHDS12000No
flour mill attachment for mixer grinder±1/4 in167.00.787 Inch / 20 Millimeter3


Replace Pump of microwave conveyor belt Parameter list

dough kneading machine 1kg346,075 mm488,95 mmInch6
atta kneading machine price38.1 mm43.7 mm43.7 mm4 Inch | 101.6 Millimeter
flour blender machine1.5 Inch | 38.1 Millimeter200 r/min0.0N/A
atta dough making machine49.2 mm5-3/8 in0.0N/A
flour mixer machine for home138 mm311715330.0N/A
mockmill kitchenaid attachment99 mm49.2 mm0.0N/A
flour dough maker12 inTake Up Bearing Only0.0N/A
atta kneader machine price1-7/16 in5-3/8 inTAB102260000 lbs
flour mixing machine 2kg120 mm260 mmhttp://www.regalbeloit.comUncoated
atta mixing bowl204729.6 kNBall Bearing
flour mixing machine for home price1180 mm1540 mmRoller GuidedQuote
flour kneaderOpen38.1 mm33.4 mmCast Iron



industrial microwave almond roasting machinery Video



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industrial microwave almond roasting machinery Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
China new Technology Industrial use microwave fruit and vegetables dryer 1 Set US$1208US$5876
Efficient continuous mesh belt jelly plum microwave drying and sterilization machinery dryer dehydrator China supplier 1 Set US$1690US$5416
teflon mesh conveyor belt for tunnel industrial microwave machinery 1 Set US$1933US$6515
Tunnel microwave roasting machinery for cashew nuts 1 Set US$1499US$7636
Food processing / fruit, vegetable drying microwave equipment 1 Set US$1271US$7008
Continuous microwave snack heating machinery/Conveyor belt snack heating machinery/Fast snack heating machinery 1 Set US$1589US$6824
Industrial conveyor belt LLDe microwave egg t dryer for drying egg t 1 Set US$1663US$7684
High quality most popular industrial continuous microwave shrimp drying machinery 1 Set US$1629US$6242
commercial cashew nuts ,peanuts dried fruit roasting machinery/roaster machinery 1 Set US$1098US$5511
Industrial continuous microwave onion powder dehydrationmachinery 1 Set US$1761US$7686


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