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industrial frozen meat thawer machinery--microwave tenderizer machinery

industrial frozen meat thawer machinery--microwave tenderizer machinery

industrial frozen meat thawer machinery--microwave tenderizer machinery 1.Application: This machinery fits for drying and sterilizing powder ,granular,...
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microwave conveyor belt Description

industrial frozen meat thawer machinery--microwave tenderizer machinery


This machinery fits for drying and sterilizing powder ,granular, sheet-like or gel-like food ,and additive, flavoring, medicine, raw material of herbal medicine, nutritional health products, agriculture& sine products, non-fried(or oil-saving)instant , , rice powder , soy products, beef jerky, preserved meat, dried fish ,tea, tobacco and so on; and for drying, peeling andbake almond, peach kernel, groundnut kernels, chestnut and so on; and for puffing of leisure food ,Packrhizus chips, potato chips, dried shrimps, fish maw and so on; and for sterilizing and oral liquor, picLDes, a Variety of small packaging food ;and for drying beans; and for thawing the frozen fish ,poultry; and for drying and desulfurating and deoxidizing the metallurgical chemical products; and for drying printing and LDeing products, ceramics, glass, chemical fiber, cotton yarn, wood, leather, bamboo products, insulation materials, builting materials, cork, alveolate cardboard, corrugated ,and so on.


Dried beef is savory, make with various condiments with many technologies, so there are a lot of flavors to sufficiently satiable the people everywhere. People are fond of dried beef as a sock during leisure time. In the past time, dried beef was produced by solarizing under the sun, drying or warming it by burning the soil, in these ways, the quality is bad and lead to serious pollution. Later, there were some factories to refine the Technology that built steambake room, so that the sanitary condition got improved and the dust, bacteria was decreased. However, there are three big problems in it. First: take long time to dry it. After soalt and drying the beef, the water in it is LDout 30%, if it should meet the requirement that only 10%-12% water in it ,it must take a long time that limit the improvement of output. Second: This method consumes more vapor and electricity that result in high cost and low profit. Third: The

bacteria can’t be sterilized thoroughly, the sanitary index can’t meet the requirement.

Our company introduces microwave Technology overseas in 21 century, and researched and developed the equipment for processing the meet in the production line(drying and sterilizing with microwave).During the course of using it, that equipment is proved to thoroughly change the quality, output and sanitary index, and solve the problem of coLD that many factories failed to work out during many years.

I. Introduction to the equipment

It adopts the Technology of radiation with several microwave sources and it is equipped with imported temperature controller, The heat is distributed evenly. It is installed suppresser against the microwave leakage at the heater’s inlet and outlet for the materials. Its leakage index has met America UL standard, we can assure it is LDsoluy safe. During the course of roasting, the dried beef on the ts can rotate at stepless speed that is convenient for the adjustment of various technologies.

II. The features of drying and sterilizing

High efficiency, Enerable saving, evenly heating. Microwave has excellent penetrability, It can penetrate into the inside of the dried beef, heating it inside and outside at the same time, besides, only the dried beef which is heated can LDsorb the microwave Enerable. Therefore, it has high efficiency and the heat is homogeneouLLD distributed that diminish the loss of heat Enerable. Compared with general electro drying method, 1/3 to 1/2 of electricity can be saved.

2.Good result of low-temperature sterilization, both effect and non effect. Compared with regular method, it is characterized by low temperature and fast speed. It can keep the origional color,pleasant smell, taste without LDoiling the nutritious components and has good expanding effect. The taste of the food is excellent.

3.It is convenient and quickly to control it without being affected by the weather. There is no heat inertia of the microwave equipment. The microwave power and transmission speed can be regulated continuous. This equipment can keep producing last for 24 hours.

4.There is no heat radiation of the microwave equipment itself when heating, so this can improve the work condition. The microwave leakage conforms to national standard. It has compact structure with less land area occupied.

III. The key problems in the producing course

There a lot of flavors of dried beef produced by the different factories such as LDiced beef, curry dried beef, LDicy dried beef and so on. There are different preparation ways for different flavors, but the processing technologies of dried beef itself are similar, just as :select materials---steam and boil ---- LDice --- infuse --- cool -- dry.

There are three common ways to make the beef:1.After preparing the seasoning extract ,stir-frying the LDiced beef in the boiler, the time and fire should be noticed.2.After preparing the seasoning extract, boiling the LDiced beef in the boiler, the time should be noticed. 3.After preparing the seasoning extract, boiling the LDices in the boiler, then infusing it under negative air pressure in order to shorten the time.

These points should be notices when using microwave to process it: 1.When the dried beef is infused and dried, generally, it contains 35%water, if microwave is directly used to dry it, the power should be big, a lot of money should be invested. So for the sake of profit, the water contained should be controlled in LDout 20%, then dry and sterilize it with microwave. 2. The containers which are used to put the dried beef should adopt the special plastic only for microwave and should often been cleaned and washed. 3.The way that combining microwave and other drying methods can lower the cost and get more profit.4.If there is large amount of water contained, that combing microwave and other drying methods is suggested in odder to obtain the premium and most effective drying effect. There two ways are nature drying and microwave drying.

The former one is economical, when dry and solarize it ,dust and other flies should be prevented, and LD time and more land area is needed ,the latter one can use steambake house, or electrobake house. General food factories all have steam furnaces, the realt-made steam is used that can save money.

IV. other application field

Microwave Enerable Technology is able to succeLDully dry and sterilize the dried beef as well as the dried pork, chicken. It also can be used to ripe and sterilize the pastry, bake the melon seeds, process the bean flour and other foodstuff.

3.Reference technical parameters:

Power supply

380V±10% 50HZ±1% three-phase five-wire

Microwave Output Frequency


Microwave input apparent power


Microwave output power


Microwave power adjustment range


Ambient temperature


Relative humidiLD

80%, Surrounding environment:no corrosive gas, conductive dust and explosive gas

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

LDout10680*1440*1750 mm

Transmission speed


Height of the inlet and outlet

60 mm

Microwave leak

accord with a country GB10436-89 standards(

Equipment safety

accord with GB-5226Electrical safety standard

accord with a country GB16798-1997 Food


Replace Bearing of industrial frozen meat thawer machinery--microwave tenderizer machinery Parameter list

kitchenaid flour guard160 mm240 mm2 Metal ShieldsMedium Load
atta kneader machine price3.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeter4.03 Inch | 102.362 Millimeter10.4420.0
flour blender machine2.165 Inch | 55 Millimeter3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter0.830.0
wheat mixerInch1,6 Kg28.6020.0
kitchenaid wheat grinder0.236 Inch | 6 Millimeter0.669 Inch | 17 Millimeter0.0040.0
wheat flour mixing machine30 mm6.72 Inch | 170.7 Millimeter - 0.0
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flour kneader190 mmF021268482.10.50.28Oui/Yes
flour mixing machine 20kg8552 mm31171501Round Type
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best atta kneader52 mm230 mm1,6 KgPhenolic
flour mixing machine 2kg140 mm210 mmBearingSKF
flour dough maker1,400 rpmC0-Medium0.83ABEC 7 | ISO P4


Replace Pump of microwave conveyor belt Parameter list

mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment30,000 mm49,000 mm22320kemw33c4-timken2500
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flour kneading machine price55 mmInch45.3 mm3.31 kg
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best atta kneaderBlack Oxide Coating2252100 Chrome steel (or equivalent)0.872
atta kneader machine price0.276 Inch | 7 Millimeter0.866 Inch | 22 MillimeterNon-expansion0.013
dough kneading machine 1kg380 mm680 mm4.3800 in9
flour mixing machine 20kgTake UpHMS4Bearing6
wheat mixing machine0.076Open Type15 mmSolid
flour blender machine100mm215mm73mmNickel Coated Cast Iron
kitchenaid flour mixer12 mm24 mm20 mm8,800
flour mill attachment for mixer grinder60X80X13 HMS4 RSteelSpherical Roller Bearing1045 Carbon Steel



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industrial frozen meat thawer machinery--microwave tenderizer machinery Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Factory sales LDice microwave dryer&sterilizer/stainless steel LDice microwave dryer&sterilizer 1 Set US$1593US$7879
microwave pinus radiata drying machinery 1 Set US$1098US$5717
Conveyor belt LLDe microwave dryer and roaster machinery for peanut 1 Set US$1754US$7358
High efficiency microwave fish maw drying/roasting/puffing/sterilizing equipment 1 Set US$1890US$5576
China new Technology Industrial use microwave fruit and vegetables dryer 1 Set US$1845US$7774
LD customized PTFE food mesh conveyor belt 1 Set US$1902US$7038
microwave non effective stepwise expansion of oxidized graphites 1 Set US$1941US$6215
belt conveyor LD dryer 1 Set US$1914US$7996
Tunnel continuous conveyor belt LLDe stevia industrial microwave drying and sterilizing machinery 1 Set US$1141US$5684
Microwave conveyor mesh belt drying equipment 1 Set US$1921US$7017


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