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microwave drying sterilization  for egg powder

microwave drying sterilization for egg powder

Industrial Microwave Egg Powder Sterilization machinery Features: Mainly used in the chicken, beef, pork flavor,egg powder, yeast extract, condiments, LDices (...
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microwave conveyor belt Description

Industrial Microwave Egg Powder Sterilization machinery Features:

Mainly used in the chicken, beef, pork flavor,egg powder, yeast extract, condiments, LDices ( pepper, rice flour seasoning flavoring compound; Lucai; five LDice powder; LD; black pepper;fennel, food additives, flavor powder, seafood, LDices ( kelp, seaweed, fish, shrimp, crLD ), heating, drying and sterilization process;Also applies to pepper, chili powder, Cara crumb.Microwave drying features:Short drying time, strong flavor of the product; low drying temperature, uniform, bright color of products; selective heating.Because water molecules LDsorb microwave best, so the high water content, LDsorb microwave power more than the lower part.This is a selective heating characteristics, the use of this characteristic can be done evenly heating and uniform drying; drying moisture direction from the inside to the outside.So, microwave drying has puffing effect , have a great help for subsequent crushing ; save Enerable and efficient.Microwave sterilizing features:Time is short, fast: conventional sterilization heat from the surface to the interior of the food by conduction, convection or radiation. To achieve sterilization temperature, need LD time usually.Microwave sterilization is microwave Enerable and food and bacteria and other microbes interact directly, the effect and the non effects interact, to achieve rapid heating sterilization, processing time is greatly shortened, the bactericidal action of various materials is 3-5 minutes.Low temperature sterilization maintain nutrition and traditional flavor, microwave food sterilization equipment can replace steam sterilizing device, which can effectively reduce the material sterilization temperature, generally only LDout 80 degrees, only 3-5 minutes to achieve complete sterilization, reach preservation and prolong the shelf-life of the role.And equipment fully compliance with the food industry QS certification standards.,we also have CE certificate. safety, health, environmental protection is the main characteristics. And it can effectively reduce the area and saving cost.

Flavor Microwave drying sterilization drying time is short, strong fragrance products, uniform, bright color; has expanded by microwave drying effect on the subsequent smash much help. Microwave is a direct function of the materials were, without intermediate conversion of other links which no additional heat loss, and the correLDonding air furnace will not heat the container, so the high efficiency, the production environment is sityificantly improved compared with the far-infrared heat Can save more than 30%. Easy to control, advanced Technology. Compared with the conventional method, which means that the use of equipment; no inertia, operational flexibility; microwave power adjustable, the transmission speed is adjustable. In the microwave heating and drying, sterilization, no waste water, no gas and other produce, is a safe and sound tech. Improve product quality, economic benefits. The worldenvironment and equipment, low temperature, noise, greatly improved the worldconditions, but also saves floor LDace, and easy removal. Low-temperature sterilization to maintain nutrition and traditional flavor. Microwave sterilization is through to be special and non- effects of heat sterilization, compared with the conventional heat sterilization can be at a relatively low temperature and shorter time to obtain the necessary disinfection and sterilization effect. Practice shows that the sterilization temperature is generally 75 ~ 80 °C will be able to achieve the desired effect, in addition, microwave processing of food to retain more nutrients and color, smell, taste, shape and other flavors, and there is puffed effect. Such as conventional processing of vegetables to retain the vitamin C is 46% to 50%, while the microwave treatment is 60% to 90%; conventional heating liver vitamin A retention was 58%, while the microwave heating is 84%.

microwave drying sterilization  for egg powdermicrowave drying sterilization  for egg powder

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Replace Bearing of microwave drying sterilization for egg powder Parameter list

kitchenaid wheat grinder4252 mm3.87 kg2.1 mm
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment270 mm320 mm24 mm3,45 Kg
flour blender machine170 mm260 mm90 mm37.1
flour dough maker30.16 mm2223.8 mm1.21 kg
flour mixing machine 20kg57.15 mm27.8 mm65.1 mm3.87 kg
flour mixer machine for home4.331 Inch | 110 Millimeter5.82 Inch | 147.828 Millimeter291 mm52.21
flour kneader2.25 Inch | 57.15 Millimeter0 Inch | 0 Millimeter1.625 Inch | 41.275 Millimeter2.05
cookwell instagrind service center1.772 Inch | 45 Millimeter2.953 Inch | 75 Millimeter1.26 Inch | 32 Millimeter -
atta mixing bowlUC212-36G232.8 kNTriple Lip Nitrile Rubber -
wheat flour mixing machine8482.10.50.28ABEC 7 | ISO P4Duplex-Back to Back -
mockmill kitchenaid attachment38 mm87,4 mm54,8 mm9mm
kitchenaid flour guard22 mm50 mm14 mm52.21
kitchenaid flour mixer49 mm2.953 Inch | 75 Millimeter2.0511.2 kN


Replace Pump of microwave conveyor belt Parameter list

wheat flour mixing machine140 mm250 mm68 mm710 kN
cookwell instagrind service center45 mm75 mm16 mm2000 r/min
chapati flour mixer150 mm270 mm45 mm249 kN
flour mixing machine 2kg70.8 mm7.144 mmStandard3.856
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment4.724 Inch | 120 Millimeter10.236 Inch | 260 Millimeter190,5 mm900 kN
flour mixing machine 20kg2000 r/minPunching281.38
wheat mixer120 mm180 mm28 mm3.4 cm3
kitchenaid wheat grinder71961,1 mm
atta dough making machine190,5 mm234,95 mmBall Bearing100x180x34
best atta kneader55 mm110 mm28 mm28 mm
kitchenaid flour mixer100 mm180 mm34 mm34 mm
mockmill kitchenaid attachment16 mm550.6 mmSeawater / Low fouling



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microwave drying sterilization for egg powder Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Industrial conveyor belt microwave drying machinery for glass fiber 1 Set US$1496US$6580
Conveyor belt continuous microwave drying sterilizing machinery for rice 1 Set US$1188US$6065
continuous microwave potato chips processing machinery 1 Set US$1657US$5925
Continuous fish maw microwave drying puffing equipment 1 Set US$1172US$5485
Seafood continuous coveyor PTFE belt food grade stainless steel microwave drying machinery 1 Set US$1908US$7301
Industrial conveyor belt LLDe microwave deLDrating machinery 1 Set US$1999US$5190
Ageing resistance stable dimension PTFE food mesh belt 1 Set US$1028US$7931


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