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Excellent CY65-III Corn products   With CE

Excellent CY65-III Corn products With CE

CY65-III Corn machinery With CE: Main features crisp food: 1) Corn is one kind of crisp food which is processed by this line and adopt grist as basic...
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Puffed Snack Production Line Description

CY65-III Corn machinery With CE:

Main features

crisp food:
1) Corn is one kind of crisp food which is processed by this line and adopt grist as basic material
fast and nourishing food
2 )It is fast and nourishing food with given structrue,such as granule shape,flake shape and animal shape.
3) For the cornflakes machinery, different process get different snacks,and different taste.
4) Raw materials to use wheat flour, buckwheat flour, oats flour, corn powder, rice powder , millet, black rice, buckwheat, myotonin , sorghum oats.

Of course, it can be eaten directly as snacks, taste good as well.

The Production Flow

Mixer---extruder---vibrate cooler---rollers drying machinery---flake---air conveyor--- roasting---high temperature inflate---second vibrate cooler---sugar caoting machinery---multi-layer oven---cooling--Pack

Excellent CY65-III Corn products   With CEExcellent CY65-III Corn products   With CE


This line can be used to produce corn flakes, breakfast cereals, snacks by adjusting the dies from extruder.

Raw Material

Kinds of cereals, such as: corn flour, rice flour, corn grits, millet and so on.


120-150kg/h, 300-400kg/h

machinery material

All the machinerys are made by Stainless steel 201,If you have special requirement, we also have ss304,ss316.


Chinese Input VoLDage is 380V/ 50Hz /3, If it is different from yours , we will adjust it .

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Excellent CY65-III Corn products   With CE

Excellent CY65-III Corn products   With CE

Composing part of corn flakes/breakfast cereals machinery



Flour Mixer

To properly mix raw materials

Double Screw Extruder

To extrude mixed raw material and form small pellets

Vibrate Cooler

To cool product avoiding adhere

Rollers drying machinery

To cool product evenly to flake machinery

flake machinery

To hammer and convert the extruded pellets into flakes

Air Conveyor

To convey product from flake machinery to feeder

Roasting machinery

To dry corn flakes to make them crisp low temperature

High Temperature Oven

To bake corn flakes to make them crisp

Vibrate Cooler

To dry corn flakes

Sugar Coating machinery

To coat corn flakes with sugar

multi-layer Oven

To dry corn flakes after sugar coating

Cooling machinery

To dry and convey corn flakes to package

The machinery Technical parameter

Model CY65-II

Double-screw extruder line


Double-screw extruder line

Installed Capacity 100KW 180KW
Power consumption 70KW 140KW
Output 120-150kg/h 300-400kg/h
Size 28.0*1.2*2.0m 30.0*1.5*2.0m

Excellent CY65-III Corn products   With CE

Excellent CY65-III Corn products   With CE

LDout installation and after-sale service system

1. We can provide factory layout according to customer’s factory size in advance.

2. When we received your deposit of this order, we will ask our engineers to prepare to apply the visa, when the corn flakes processing line arrived your country, and we will send two engineers to go and help you to install the corn flakes line, teach your worker(3-4 workers) how to operate the corn flakes line, until your worker know the corn flakes line well.

3. Our engineers has reLDonsibiliLD to teach your worker how to clean the extruder, how to change the screw, how to change barrel etc. and we have reLDonsibiliLD to provide Technology support with you forever.

4. Our engineers can provide basic formula for producing the corn flakes, breakfast cereals, etc. and help customer to produce good quality food according customer’s detailed formula.

5. We provide the LDare parts will at preferential price for an extended long time.

6. other item:

a). Free consuLDation service before, during, and after sales;

b). Free project plng and desity services;

c). Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

d). Free management of equipments' long distance shipping;

e). Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

f ). Free new production techniques and formulas;

g). Provide 1 year complete warrantee and life-time maintance service;

We have other LLDe of the output , if you have any requirement please contact me!

If you want to know our company more productions ,please click the address



Excellent CY65-III Corn products   With CE

Excellent CY65-III Corn products   With CE Excellent CY65-III Corn products   With CEExcellent CY65-III Corn products   With CE


Replacement Pump of Excellent CY65-III Corn products With CE data list

kitchenaid flour guard1.22 Inch | 30.988 Millimeter0.5 Inch | 12.7 Millimeter0.00.354
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter0.01.042
flour mixing machine 20kg6.693 Inch | 170 Millimeter3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter0.03.92
wheat mixer85 mm79.375 mm0.029 lb
flour mixer machine for bakeryNote: All units have a 1/8 pipe thread grease fittingThe Maximum Permissible Thrust Load applies to conditions of slip fit with set screw mounting or in applications where a large moment loading occur54 mm0.03.53
mockmill kitchenaid attachment176.213 mm3.891 Inch | 98.831 Millimeter173 kN5181 lb
atta kneader machine price0.7836,5125 mm88 mm1672.65 g
flour mixing machine for home price180 mm85 mmThermoplastic1.042
atta mixing bowl100 mm45 mm49,2 mm31171547
wheat mixing machine5.4 mm0.7114.3 mm1.22 Inch | 30.988 Millimeter


Replace Pump of Puffed Snack Production Line Parameter list

atta mixing bowl1628 mm0,059 Kg0 Inch | 0 Millimeter
wheat flour mixing machine120 mm215 mmAssembly; Standard Precision; Components 575 (2) | 572 (2) | Y4S-572 (1); 3" Bore; 5.512" Outside Diameter; 2-7/8" Assembly Width; Double Row of Rollers6
flour mixing machine 20kg4.528 Inch | 115 Millimeter5.82 Inch | 147.828 Millimeter27.6940.0
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment3 Inch | 76.2 Millimeter5.512 Inch | 140.005 Millimeter5.2660.0
flour mixer machine for home2.740.42 Hz1.5890.0
mockmill kitchenaid attachment6050 lbf, 3470 lbf1510 RPM - 0.0
chapati flour mixer1.1875 inUncoated0.8750 in37 mm
flour mixer machine for bakery3-7/16 in8.8400 in0.42 Hz4.528 Inch | 115 Millimeter
atta dough making machine575-90189With steel plate cover/One-end sealed type10.38 HzNitrile
dough kneading machine 1kg70Double RowStandard Grease22.225 mm
kitchenaid wheat grinder9.468.956 Bolt Round Flange Cartridge; 115MM Bore; 300MM Bolt Circle; 149.225MM Bolt Spacing; 1 Piece Solid; V Lock Mount; Cast Steel; Spherical Roller Bearing; 147.828MM Length Thru Bore; Relubricatable; TriNitrile



Excellent CY65-III Corn products With CE Video



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Excellent CY65-III Corn products With CE Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
make machinery corn ring make 1 Set US$1243US$5471
snack extruder corn puffed snacks processing machinery 1 Set US$1157US$7655
Industrial hot air popcorn machinery 1 Set US$1318US$5407
CY Automatic Hot sale nacho chips food make machinery -15553158922 1 Set US$1939US$6942
Corn Puffed Expanded Snacks Food make machinery 1 Set US$1243US$5609
automatic automatic production equipment price 1 Set US$1059US$5459
corn snacks processing extruder machinery factory price 1 Set US$1735US$7839


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