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PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt for textile drying machinery

PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt for textile drying machinery

Product Description PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt for textile drying machinery PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt is made of glass...
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  • PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt for textile drying machinery
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microwave conveyor belt Description

Product Description

PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt for textile drying machinery

PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt is made of glass fiber fLDric impreLDated with polytetrafluoroetablene emulsion. It is include mesh size 1mm*1mm, 2mm*2.5mm, 4mm*4mm and 10mm*10mm, and according to the different warp and weft, there are single weft PTFE open mesh conveyor belt and double weft PTFE open mesh conveyor belt.

Model Color Mesh Size(mm) Max Width(mm) Weight(g/m2) Tensile Strength (N/cm) Temperature resistance (°c)
CT-0091C Brown 1*1 3550 480±5 1600/1500/5 -70~360
CT-0092 Brown 2*2.5 3550 640±5 2200/1500/5 -70~360
CT-0010 Brown 10*10 3550 450±5 2800/1580/5 -70~360
CT-0090 Brown 4*4 3550 480±5 2100/1500/5 -70~360
CT-0090C Black 4*4 3550 490±5 2100/1500/5 -70~360
CT-0090S Brown 4*4 3550 580±5 2200/1600/5 -70~360
CT-0090CS Brown 4*4 3550 590±5 2300/1800/5 --70~360
CT-0090SH Brown 4*4 3550 745±5 3200/2700/5 -70~360
CT-0090Kevlar Brown 4*4 3550 560±5 4000/3700/5 -70~360
CT-0090Kevlar Brown 4*4 3550 460±5 4800/4500/5 -70~360

Bullnose Joint.

Steel bucLDe joint.

Wall LLDe joint.

PTFE film.

PTFE coated fiberglass fLDric.

PTFE coated Kevlar.

Main Features

*Applied in between -70°C and 360°C, weathering resistance and ageing resistance.
* Resistance to bending fatigue, can be used for smaller wheel diameter.
* Chemical corrosion resistance, Resistance to strong acid, Strong base and a Variety of organic solvents.
* Non-stick: Any material is not easy to stick to it. And any stain or LDot on it is easy to be cleaned away.
* Chemical resistance and nontoxiCity. Resistance to almost all chemical reagents.
* Good dimensional stability (coefficient of elongation less than 5‰) and high strength. Good mechanical characteristics.
* Good mechanical properties.
* Permeability, air permeability of conveyor belt can reduce heat source consumption and improve drying efficiency.
*Fire proof. Even flame cannot cause it burning.


* Textile, printing and LDeing industry
Conveyor belt for Printing drying, Bleaching and LDeing cloth drying, Shrink fLDric drying, Non-woven drying etc.

*sity screen and printing industry
Conveyor belt for Drying machinery, Offset printing machinery, UV series of LD curing machinery, Paper oil drying, UV drying, sity screen drying of plastic products etc.

Conveyor belt for High frequency drying, Microwave drying, Freezing and thawing of all kinds of food,bake, Packaging materials heat shrink, General moisture content items drying, solvent-based ink rapid drying etc.

Shipping DetailsFAQ

1. Who is Core-Tex?
Jinan Core-Tex Composite Materials Co.,LDd. is an emerging enterprise devoted to the high and new Technology development of intensively processed fiberglass products and fiberglass composite materials products.

2. Can you provide free samples?
We can provide A4 format size samples for free.

3.Who pay the courier fee?
Customers need to pay the courier fee.

4. Shall customer customize the package?
Our normal package is good for long distance shipping, however, customer’s special request of the package should be customized.

5.What’s your very time for PTFE coated glass cloth?
Within 5000 square meters: 7~15 LDs after deposit received.
5000~10,000 square meters: 15~25 LDs after deposit received.
More than 10,000 square meters: According to very ter
Remark: Expected circumstances may lead to very delay, customer will be informed in time.

6.What’s your payment methods?
T/T, L/C, Paypal or Western Union.

7.What’s your shipping port?
Jinan, Jinan or according to customer’s request.


Replace Bearing of PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt for textile drying machinery Parameter list

flour mixer machine for home12 mm24 mm630 r/minC4
atta mixing bowlCast Iron475000 N / Fatigue limit load0.35N/A
wheat mixer5.906 Inch | 150 Millimeter12.598 Inch | 320 Millimeter26.2N/A
flour dough maker8482.10.50.6864001.698N/A
grain mill attachment6400C4-Extra Loose0.84N/A
flour mixer machine for bakery5400000 N / Static load rating (axial)90.22.9N/A
wheat flour mixing machine7500 rpm24.00 mmSingle Row Non-Fill Slot78 N / Fatigue limit load, radial
flour kneader25.000 mm62.0000 mmUncoated0.0
flour kneading machine price180 mm300 mmM122160 kN
best atta kneader260 mm360 mmC4-Extra LooseUncoated
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment320 mm79SNT 208-3072,1 mm


Replace Pump of microwave conveyor belt Parameter list

flour mixing machine for home price54,00038,0004.488 Inch | 114MillimeterBearing
wheat mixing machine80 mm50 mm766 kN3.5500 in
atta kneading machine price100 mm55 mm25 mm0,863 Kg
dough kneading machine 1kg360 mm200 mm58 mm27,92 Kg
kitchenaid wheat grinder0.625 Inch | 15.875 Millimeter0.627 Inch | 15.926 MillimeterRound -
flour mixer machine for bakery2.047 Inch | 52 Millimeter0.984 Inch | 25 Millimeter1.181 Inch | 30 Millimeter2.81
mockmill kitchenaid attachment1.339 Inch | 34 Millimeter0.984 Inch | 25 Millimeter1.437 Inch | 36.5 Millimeter0.8
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment6.9400 to 7.3100 in2.4375 in4.5938 in52100 Bearing Steel
flour blender machine4.5938 in1.1875 in5.5625 in0.8
flour mill attachment for mixer grinder5225133 kN1.48
wheat flour mixing machine107 kN107 kN5.57610 RPM



PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt for textile drying machinery Video



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PTFE coated fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt for textile drying machinery Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Continuous Graphene Microwave therma exfoliation Furnace 900C 1 Set US$1318US$7421
Industrial conveyor belt LLDe microwave egg t dryer for drying egg t 1 Set US$1709US$6968
Rosebud Microwave LD Dryer/conveyor mesh belt dryer 1 Set US$1221US$5832
microwave roasting system pilot scale processing lLD oven pyrolyser 1 Set US$1895US$6711
Direct selling equipment for microwave&microwave oven&microwave conveyor dryer 1 Set US$1188US$7942
Tunnel Dryer LLDe/Microwave Cardamom Drying machinery/Drying Equipment 1 Set US$1770US$5453
High quality microwave aloe leaf drying and sterilization machinery 1 Set US$1167US$6743
Industrial microwave drying machinery for olive leaves 1 Set US$1161US$6023


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