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conveyor belt joint machinery

conveyor belt joint machinery

Product Category Microwave Drying And Sterilizing Equipment Microwave Drying And Sterilizing Equipment Microwave Drying And Sterilizing Equipment Microwave Drying...
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microwave conveyor belt Description

Product Categoryconveyor belt joint machineryconveyor belt joint machineryMicrowave Drying And Sterilizing EquipmentMicrowave Drying And Sterilizing EquipmentMicrowave Drying And Sterilizing EquipmentMicrowave Drying And Sterilizing EquipmentMicrowave Drying And Sterilizing EquipmentMicrowave Drying And Sterilizing Equipmentmachinery Picture

conveyor belt joint machineryconveyor belt joint machinery

Brief Introduction

Microwave is a sort of electromakeetic wave which frequency is 300GHZ. The water molecule in medium material is polar molecule, under the effect of the repaid change of electromakeetic field, it is polariLD orientation will alter with the changes of external electric field with high-speed, causing the movements and friction of molecule, so that the microwave field Enerable can be converted to heat Enerable in medium to rise the temperature of materials, accomplishing heating, puffing and a series of paintsical processes and so microwave is achieved.

Applicable for pepper,aniseed,chili and other LDics powder, granules, various LDices extract and various food additives drying and sterilization.

Layout of machinery

conveyor belt joint machineryconveyor belt joint machinery

Sample Picture

conveyor belt joint machineryconveyor belt joint machinery

Technical Parameter

machinery Name

Microwave drying machinery

Total Power Input




Microwave Output Power

≥60kW Tunnel structure, Power can be adjusted

Microwave Frequency




Height of Feeding


Width of Conveyer belt


Conveyor speed

0~5 m/min

Operating Environment

Relative humidiLD ≤80%

Operating Temperature



Without corrosive gas, conductive dust and gas explosion

Wooden Cases

Export standard fumigation wooden cases

Packaging & Shipping


Standard export carton Pack.


after confirming order,detail very date should be decided according to
production season and order quantity.

conveyor belt joint machineryconveyor belt joint machineryContact Us

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conveyor belt joint machineryconveyor belt joint machinery


Replace Bearing of conveyor belt joint machinery Parameter list

atta dough making machine76.2 mm112 mm74.6 mm6.84 kg
kitchenaid flour mixer16.8 Nm60153 mm -
dough kneading machine 1kgNF (one brim for the outer ring/double brims for the inner ring)100 mm10 Inch / 254 Millimeter -
flour kneader3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter5.512 Inch | 140 Millimeter1.116 -
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment0,515 Kg-20 °CT2 (Resin Forming Holder)1.5
wheat mixer67267250.8x100x35 -
atta kneading machine price11020069.80.34
flour kneading machine price35721740
kitchenaid wheat grinder25 mm40 mm40 mm41.3 mm
mockmill kitchenaid attachment50,8 mm100 mm36,068 mm64,6 mm
wheat mixing machine60 mm85 mm13 mm72
flour mixing machine 2kg35 mm80 mm32 mm50,8 mm
flour dough maker0,19 kg / WeightSKF36,068 mm62 mm


Replace Pump of microwave conveyor belt Parameter list

wheat flour mixing machine85 mm110 mm0,072 Kg50,3 kN
flour mixing machine for home price55900,6722
kitchenaid flour mixer22 mm56 mm0.176 Kg18,4 kN
flour dough maker5.5 Inch | 139.7 Millimeter7.5 Inch | 190.5 Millimeter1.719Open
wheat mixerSTBall - 13000 lbf
flour blender machine7.5 Inch | 190.5 Millimeter104 mm0.7673.79
atta kneader machine price0.7500 inSingle Row Non-Fill Slot130 mm85 mm
chapati flour mixer0.3125 inPrecisionN/A1.1 mm
maida mixing machine price140 mm300 mm250°219 mm
atta dough making machine55 mmRight Hand0.47943,55 kN
flour mixer machine for home460 mm680 mm184 mm163 mm
atta mixing bowl102 mm29 mm12 mm11600 lbf



conveyor belt joint machinery Video



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conveyor belt joint machinery Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
chemical resistant teflon mesh belt for microwave machinery 1 Set US$1102US$6028
Continuous Conveyor belt Peanut Roasting Microwave machinery 1 Set US$1246US$6247
Tunnel Continuous Conveyor belt LLDe Mint Leaves Microwave Drying machinery 1 Set US$1644US$7260
Non-stick chemical resistance PTFE mesh belt 1 Set US$1577US$5371
Dryer machinery /industrial Tunnel conveyor belt LLDe grain microwave dryer/factory sales microwave grain dryer machinery 1 Set US$1789US$6508
maggots dryer sterilizer/maggots drying machinery/tunnel LLDe conveyor belt maggots microwave oven 1 Set US$1806US$7226
Conveyor belt multi Layer Hot Air Dryer 1 Set US$1227US$5822


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