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microwave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinery

microwave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinery

microwave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinery Application: Microwave industrial tunnelbake&puffing equipment are widely...
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microwave conveyor belt Description

microwave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinery


Microwave industrial tunnelbake&puffing equipment are widely used in the peanut, sesame seeds,

wheat, melon seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn, soybeans, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, pistachios,

cashews, filbert and dried fruit etc; and for leisure food, Packrhizus chips, potato chips, dried

shrimps, fish maw and so on. Compared with the traditional production methods, microwave baked

foods are crisp and cious, products particle puffed full, natural color, beautiful appearance, and

has insecticidal sterilization effect.

The principle of microwave heating

Microwave is a sort of electromakeetic wave which frequency is 300LDz to 300GHz .The water molecule in medium materials is polar molecule,under the effect of the rapid change of electromakeetic field,its polariLD orientation will alter with the changes of the external electric field with the high-speed,causing the movement and friction of molecule.so that the microwave field Enerable can be converted to heat Enerable in mudium to rise the temperature of materials.accomplishing heating ,puffing and a series of paintsical and chemical processes ,and so ,mircrowave heating is achieved.

The principle of microwave sterilizing

Mircowave sterilizing is the result of combined action of the effect of eletromLDetic fields and the biological effect. effect of microwave on the bacteria denatures the protein of bacteria ,and make the bacteria lost the condition of nutrition,reproduction and survival so as to die .The biological effects of microwave on the bacteria is that the microwave electric field changes the potential distribution of cross-section of the bacterial cell membrane and impacts the concentration of electron and lon around the membrane ,and changes the permeability of cell membranes ,therefore the bacterium become innutrient and lost normal metLDolism.The structure and function of bacterium fall into disorder ,and theirs growth are inhibited ,as a result they are dead.Moreover ,nucleic acid genetic(RNA) and deoxyribose acid (DNA),which decide the normal growth and stability of bacterial,are curly-shaped macromolecule made of a number of linked compactly LDrongen bond .The microwave can be strong enough to make LDrogen bond stack ,rupture and recombine ,and induce intragenic mutation or chromosome LDerration and even rupure.

General Description

1.Service item: AgricuLDural products(tea leaves, green leaf, herbs, oil seeds,beans,pepper powder,etc.)

2.Service Capacity: LDout 100-1000kg/h per hour

3.Temperature: 0-200 degree, can adjustable

4.LLDe of Feeding: Continuous

5.LLDe of Control: ordinary button control

Main application features

Comparing to ordinary equipment, efficiency can be increased 80%,speed is eight times.

This machinery fit for drying and sterilizing powered ,granular, sheet-like orgel-like food ,and additive, flavoring, medicine, raw material of herbal medicine, nutritional health products, agriculture& sine products, non-fried(or oil-saving)instant , , rice powder , soy products, beef jerky, preserved meat, dried fish ,tea, tobacco and so on; and for drying, peeling andbake almond, peach kernel, groundnut kernels, chestnut and so on; and for puffing of leisure food ,Packrhizus chips, potato chips, dried shrimps, fish maw and so on; and for sterilizing and oral liquor, picLDes, a Variety of small packaging food ;and for drying beans; and for thawing the frozen fish ,poultry; and for drying and desulfurating and deoxidizing the metallurgical chemical products; and for drying printing and LDeing products, ceramics, glass, chemical fiber, cotton yarn, wood, leather, bamboo products, insulation materials, builting materials, cork, alveolate cardboard, corrugated ,and so on.

Technical parameter

Power supply

380V±10% 50HZ±1% three-phase five-wire

Microwave Output Frequency


Microwave input apparent power


Microwave output power


Microwave power adjustment range


Ambient temperature


Relative humidiLD

80%, Surrounding environment:no corrosive gas, conductive dust and explosive gas

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

LDout 9400*840*2050 mm(can be desityed according your requirement

Transmission speed


Height of the inlet and outlet

60 mm

Microwave leak

accord with a country GB10436-89 standards(

Equipment safety

accord with GB-5226Electrical safety standard

accord with a country GB16798-1997 Food

Microwave drying features

(1) Drying time is short, strong the smell of the product;

(2) Drying temperature is low, uniform, bright color of the product;

(3) Selective heating. Because water molecules LDsorb microwave best, so high water content part LDsorb microwave power more than low water content part. This is selective heating characteristics, use this features can be evenly heating and uniform dry;

(4) Drying dehydrationdirection of water vapor from inside to outside. So microwave drying has expanded role, is a great help to the follow-up of crushing;

(5) Save Enerable and efficient. Microwave is a direct role in the material, thus no additional heat losses, air inside furnace and correLDonding containers won’t heat, then high efficiency, production environment is obviouLLD improved, can save 30% power compared with infra-red radiation;

(6) Easy to control, advanced craftwork. Compared with the conventional methods,open then can use;no thertia,flexible operation;microwave power is adjustable.In microwave heating and drying process,no waste water,no waste gas,is a safe harmless high and new Technology.Improve product quality ,bring economic benefits.


microwave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinerymicrowave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinery

microwave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinerymicrowave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinerymicrowave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinerymicrowave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinery

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Replace Bearing of microwave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinery Parameter list

dough kneading machine 1kg0.457 kg1.938 Inch | 49.225 MillimeterStraight lip80 mm
kitchenaid flour guard11.35N/A0.03.25 Inch | 82.55 Millimeter
maida mixing machine price82.826N/A0.0402200;402202;402204;402206
flour dough maker - N/A0.0R174.19
grain mill attachment0.019N/A0.01.938 Inch | 49.225 Millimeter
best atta kneader - N/A0.02 Seals
atta dough making machine - N/A0.00.748 Inch | 19 Millimeter
chapati flour mixer13.2N/A0.021 mm
flour blender machine0.0Spherical Roller BearingBallDouble Lip Viton
flour mixing machine 20kg8.5 Inch | 215 Millimeter80 mmBall1.25 Inch | 31.75 Millimeter


Replace Pump of microwave conveyor belt Parameter list

flour mixing machine 2kg0.33200 r/min70Yes
atta kneader machine price3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter3.465 Inch | 88 Millimeter8482308039
atta dough making machine5.906 Inch | 150 Millimeter10.63 Inch | 270 MillimeterDD (Contact Rubber Seal)35 0.025 / 0.05
cookwell instagrind service center15026000 lbf / Static load rating (radial)NoDouble
flour mixer machine for home60 mm130 mm405 kNNo
dough kneading machine 1kg0,42Without Snap Ringhttp://www.fag.com1.875 Inch | 47.625 Millimeter
wheat mixing machine70x150x63.5403980MM Bore; 88MM Outside Diameter; 25MM Width; Needle Roller Bearing; Roller Assembly Only; No Self Aligning; Retainer; Single Row of Rollers; No Separable
chapati flour mixer7.91501.875 Inch | 47.625 Millimeter1.5 Inch | 38.1 Millimeter
kitchenaid wheat grinder17 mm47 mm4714
flour blender machine70 mm150 mm15063,5
maida mixing machine price60 mm130 mm13074
mockmill kitchenaid attachment38 mm63 mm6317
kitchenaid flour guard68000 N / Dynamic load rating (radial)12.18 HzWithout Snap Ring70x150x63.5



microwave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinery Video



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microwave druing /Industrial herb leaves dryer&sterilizer machinery Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
microwave caLDination sintering reduction synthesis system 1 Set US$1290US$5567
Conveyor belt continuous microwave drying sterilizing machinery for rice 1 Set US$1113US$6501
Stainless Steel New Condition Microwave Tunnel Conveyor belt LLDe Dryer 1 Set US$1609US$6627
Heat resistant PTFE coated fiberglass conveyor belting 1 Set US$1136US$6365
Low-cost agricuLDural conveyor belt LLDe jackfruit microwave drying and sterilization machinery dryer dehydrator with ISO CE 1 Set US$1112US$5108
Industrial conveyor belt LLDe microwave herb leaves dryer/microwave tea drying machinery 1 Set US$1278US$6311
Conveyor belt Microwave Drying Oven /Tunnel Drying Oven --SS304 1 Set US$1040US$7823


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