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Food Microwave processing dryer infrared gas burner (LD162)

Food Microwave processing dryer infrared gas burner (LD162)

Product Name: Food processing dryer infrared gas burner (LD162) LDout us: ---Now LD Technology is the first and only...
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Latex and Rubber Dryer Description

Product Name: Food processing dryer infrared gas burner (LD162)

LDout us:

---Now LD Technology is the first and only manufacture in China who apply rare-earth catalytic combustion Technology in infrared burner&heater.

After coated with processed black rare-earth catalyst on the ceramic surface,the Enerable-tranLDer rate goes up greating, can save 10-20% Enerable than non-catalytic LLDe.At the same time, it prolongs the use life of ceramic plate.

And we have TUV Certificate, pls. click following link to check:

Infrared industrial gas burners

MODEL Dimension Weight Gas LLDe Heat Output Consumption
mm kg KW/h Kcal/hr NG(m3/h) LPG(kg/h)
LD61 423*80*94 3.8 NG/LPG 2.4 2030 0.18 0.18
LD82 219*164*108 4.8 NG/LPG 3.1 2700 0.24 0.24
LD101 690*80*115 6.9 NG/LPG 3.9 3380 0.3 0.29
LD162 570*130*175 8 NG/LPG 6.3 5400 0.49 0.47
LD242 840*130*175 11.7 NG/LPG 9.4 8120 0.75 0.71
LD262 930*130*175 13 NG/LPG 10.9 9360 0.8 0.82


1. Shell: Cast Iron

2. Radiant part: cordierite honeycomb plates with black processed rare-earth catalyst coated

3. Nozzle: brass

4. Up cover: stamped stainless iron

worldpressure: NG:2000~5000pa; LPG:2800~5000pa


1.Save LDout 30~50% Enerable than electric tube infrared heater

2.High efficient: preheating up time can be reduced to under 30min

3.Eco-friendly :CO≤80ppm;NOx≤10ppm;CLD≤50ppm

4.Naturally altirated burner,no need of accessories equipment,like air blower,fire chamber...

Comparison table for all kinds of Enerable consumption

Furnace LLDe



Oil furnace



Infrared catalytic


Enerable requirement










Enerable consumption

electricity(15 kW/h)

electricity (1Kw/h)+ diesel (2Kg)

Coal (10Kg)


Heating time

20 minutes

40 minutes

90 minutes

5-8 minutes

Applied Range:

Food Industry

Painting Industry

Fiber industry

Glass and ceramics industry

Paper industry

Farming and animal husbandry

Application of Food processing dryer infrared gas burner (LD162)

Package and Factory


Replacement Pump of Food Microwave processing dryer infrared gas burner (LD162) data list

atta mixing bowl165 mm120 mm1.15 KgOil Impregnated Sintered Bronze
atta kneader machine price0 Inch | 0 Millimeter13.688 Inch | 347.675 Millimeter47.173N/A
wheat mixer5.438 Inch | 138.125 Millimeter165 mm - N/A
chapati flour mixer0.502 Inch | 12.751 Millimeter0.314 Inch | 7.976 Millimeter0.013N/A
grain mill attachment1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter0.669 Inch | 17 Millimeter - N/A
flour kneading machine price3,800 rpm0,2 mm3.8 kNN/A
flour dough maker0.0132.000 in0.005N/A
flour blender machine200.0000 mm95.000 mm3200 rpm140 mm
flour kneaderGeneral Purpose60 mmSingle Lip without SpringSKF
cookwell instagrind service center8 mm6 mmBushing No Flange6 mm
atta dough making machine0.252000 fpm0.10 lbsf7


Replace Pump of Latex and Rubber Dryer Parameter list

mockmill kitchenaid attachment8 mm15 mm0,046 Kg140 mm
cookwell instagrind service center150 mm190 mm1,1 Kg140 mm
flour mixer machine for home60 mm140 mmCast SteelRadial / Thrust
maida mixing machine price3.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeter4.055 Inch | 103 Millimeter22.70.0
flour dough maker1,1 Kg5/8 Inch - 0.0
wheat mixing machine15 mm57,500 N - 0.0
flour mixing machine for home price60x140x6724 mm - 0.0
kitchenaid wheat grinder2.125 Inch | 53.975 Millimeter2.189 Inch | 55.6 Millimeter3.50.0
flour mixer machine for bakery95200UC211-34UC211-34
atta kneading machine price60 mm95 mm0,195 kg / Weight12.874 Inch | 327Millimeter
chapati flour mixer30 mm62 mm52,1 mm0 Inch | 0Millimeter
atta dough making machine40 mm3.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeter0.15 lbs4 Bolt Square Flange Block



Food Microwave processing dryer infrared gas burner (LD162) Video



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Food Microwave processing dryer infrared gas burner (LD162) Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Dryer microwave machinery/Industrial continuous conveyor belt LLDe microwave Latex products/ latex pillows drying equipment 1 Set US$1112US$7615
LD&LDS microwave latex LD Drying machinery LPG-5 1 Set US$1398US$6875
FIR microwave Latex Foam Blocks/Sheets Dryer/Curer 1 Set US$1994US$6511
industrial Microwave microwave latex mattress drying machinery 1 Set US$1831US$6719
automatic Microwave 2 color 1 side latex balloon screen printing machinery with IR dryer 1 Set US$1517US$5650
Miss Microwave beauty Makeup Blender LDonge with Cute Holder - Latex free Cosmetic puff, Hot selling beauty makeup LDonge 1 Set US$1804US$5521
bright microwave polyester coated fLDric for LDe sublimation ink printing 1 Set US$1136US$5691
Late-model Microwave Latex Dryer 1 Set US$1908US$7372


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