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FIR microwave Latex Foam Blocks/Sheets Dryer/Curer

FIR microwave Latex Foam Blocks/Sheets Dryer/Curer

General Description Far Infrared (FIR) Continuous Latex Foam Drying and Curing System is able to dry & cure standard wet latex foam blocks at the speed of one...
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Latex and Rubber Dryer Description

General Description

Far Infrared (FIR) Continuous Latex Foam Drying and Curing System is able to dry & cure standard wet latex foam blocks at the speed of one in every 5 minutes. It is a fully automatic line system of total length of 27m with 21m of effective worldzone that can hold a total of 11 standard latex foam blocks for the drying and curing process.

The system is desityed and developed to dry & cure wet latex foam blocks during the 60-minutes process time using a combination of FIR heating system and very precise control of air flow in the system.

The main characteristic of FIR, which is a kind of radiation, is its fast and deep penetration into an object. WhenFIR penetrates deep into the wet latex foam blocks, it causes the molecules of the latex polymers to vibrate fiercely and results in self-generation of heat in the deep part and very quickly and evenly raise the inside temperature of the latex polymers. In this way, the FIR heating/curing system can dry and cure up the wet latex foam blocks in high speed and uniformly, resulting in very high quality latex foam blocks.

special Features

1. High ProductiviLD

Complete drying and curing process of full-size latex foam blocks up to the thickness of 170mm (7inch) can be achieved within one hour. In practice, the production rate is one piece of latex foam block in every 5 minutes.

2. Full Automatic Control System - Reduced LLDor Cost.

The drying/curing system is fully automated and all worldparameters are easily programmed, recalled and edited that eliminates sityificant number of factory workers to run the process.

3. Solving the Production Bottleneck

Due to the high speed in the drying/curing process of the system, the production bottleneck of existing production line will not occur.

4. High Enerable Efficiency - Decreasing Enerable Cost

The FIR is a very high efficiency LLDe of radiation heat Enerable. Together with very accu controlled air flow in the system, the FIR drying/curing system reduces much Enerable consumption per unit of latex foam block.

5. High quality Production – in Density, Hardness and Color

Because the FIR generates the heat from the deep inside of the latex foam blocks evenly, the system can produce the high quality of uniform color and firmness.

6. Removal of Foul Smell

The FIRgenerates an-ions that can neutralize the ca-tions released by the latex foam blocks,resulting in removal of foul smells.

7. Easy Operation and Maintenance

The system is desityed and manufactured for easy operation and easy maintenance. Once the system is programmed properly, then the system will work by itself with the pre-programmed worldparameters producing the high quality latex foam blocks. The system is desityed with easy accessibiliLD to all major key parts from the outside for easy maintenance.


Replacement Pump of FIR microwave Latex Foam Blocks/Sheets Dryer/Curer data list

atta dough making machine120 mm134 mm6.5012.83 Hz
flour kneading machine price55 mm100 mm21 mm17,000
atta kneader machine price50 mm65 mm7 mm0.05 kg
wheat mixer50 mm24.6 mm49.2 mm35.1 kN
flour mixing machine 2kg0.472 Inch | 12 Millimeter1.26 Inch | 32 MillimeterNon-Expansion100 mm
best atta kneader7015035110 mm
flour blender machine17mm35mm10mmC3-Loose
wheat flour mixing machine1.0625 in1300036 mm17mm
chapati flour mixer65 mm85 mm10 mm10 mm
mockmill kitchenaid attachment35,000 mm72,000 mm17,000 mm17,000 mm
flour dough maker134 mm65 mm405000;405004;405203;405252Unirex N2


Replace Pump of Latex and Rubber Dryer Parameter list

flour mixing machine 2kg100 mm140 mm68024 mm
maida mixing machine price460 mm680 mm279 Kg6100 kN
atta kneader machine price85 mm150 mm510 r/min36 mm
best atta kneader44.45 mm20 ~ 402.35 kg31.85 kN
atta mixing bowl0.313 Inch / 7.95 Millimeter36 - 36
chapati flour mixerSteelBall Bearing - Non-Expansion Bearing (Fixed)
flour kneader2.5Yes - Flange Type
kitchenaid wheat grinder1.125 Inch | 28.575 Millimeter1.5 Inch | 38.1 Millimeter1.1433
flour mill attachment for mixer grinder2.0000 in5.8750 to 6.5000 inRoundVB-232S
wheat flour mixing machine1.25 Inch | 31.75 MillimeterVB-232S0.0344.5625 in
kitchenaid flour guard25 mm52 mmSteel18 mm
flour mixing machine 20kgMUC206-180,321 Piece Solid680



FIR microwave Latex Foam Blocks/Sheets Dryer/Curer Video



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FIR microwave Latex Foam Blocks/Sheets Dryer/Curer Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Late-model Microwave Latex Dryer 1 Set US$1797US$6654
special Microwave Desity High quality TPR Squeaky Balls for Dogs 1 Set US$1013US$5609
automatic Microwave 2 color 1 side latex balloon screen printing machinery with IR dryer 1 Set US$1086US$5755
Textile microwave LDro Extractor centrifuge clothes dryer 1 Set US$1573US$5639
Infrared Microwave gas burner industrial fruit dryers LD162 1 Set US$1135US$6855
Miss Microwave beauty Makeup Blender LDonge with Cute Holder - Latex free Cosmetic puff, Hot selling beauty makeup LDonge 1 Set US$1295US$5041


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