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microwave drying and sterilization machine

microwave drying and sterilization machine

microwave drying and sterilization machine Features: 1.the equipment use advanced technology,adopt Panasonic magnetron,long life,and best effect....
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Insect and Bug Drying Machine Description

microwave drying and sterilization machine


1.the equipment use advanced technology,adopt Panasonic magnetron,long life,and best effect.

2.adopt stainless steel,compact structre,no energy dissipation,save energy.

3.tunnel type design,cover less area,fast drying and steriling,continuous produstion.

4.drying and steriling at the same time.one equipment has many usages.

5.low temperarture sterilization,keep the original mutrition,color and taste.

The application of microwave drying and sterilization machine:

The equipment sre widely used for drying and sterilizing powder,granular,flakes from foods.

Like grain,herbs,vegetables,fruits, spices,meat and so on.

Specially used for sterilization and drying for organic herbs.flowers.

We have many kinds models to meet customers' diferent demands.

The principle of miucrowave drying and sterilization machine:

Microwave energy can penetrate the inside of the materials.that is to say the material can be heated inside and outsice at the same time.(drying principle)

It also can damage the DNA and RNA of the cells.that is to say,microwave energy can kill the bacterias and insects.(steriliztion principle)

The features of microwave drying and sterilization machine:

1. Rapid drying

Microwave heating does not need the progress of heat conduction, wich make the material itself become a heating unit.

2. Symmetrical heating

Because of no restrictions on the shape of the material, the materials is heated even, and theres is no adjust outside or unheated inside.

3. Energy saving and efficient

The microwave drying can save one third energy of the far-infrared drying

4. Mildewprooding/sterilizing/keeping fresh

Microwave drying with thermal and biological effects can sterilize and resist rot under lower temperature.

5. Advanced craftwork and easy control

With the use of graphic operation terminal and PlC, you can realize programmable autocontrol of heating progress.

6. Safety and innocuity.

There is no harmful radioactivity or harmful gas, or waste heat or dust pollution, so neither could microwave heating contaminate food nor pollute the enviroment.

7,good roasting effect,

Looks like fresh, but is already roasted. taste delicious.

The pictures of micriowave drying and sterilization machine:


Replace Pump of microwave drying and sterilization machine Parameter list

flour mixing machine 2kg90 mm160 mm40 mm3,4 Kg
flour dough maker75 mm130 mm25 mm1,198 Kg
chapati flour mixer160 mm340 mm.5000 inComposite
cookwell instagrind service center5.118 Inch | 130 Millimeter9.055 Inch | 230 Millimeter2.52 Inch | 64 Millimeter11.259
flour kneader160 mm13021MM Shaft Dia; 35MM Housing Bore; 7MM Nominal Width; Viton Lip; Solid Seal; 7MM Actual Width; Spring Loaded; 1 Sealing Lips; Carbon Steel Garter Lip Retainer; Steel Case Construction; CRW1 Seal Design Code -
flour kneading machine price14000340 mm90x160x40 -
flour blender machine1.4375 in3.6250 in4.2813 in250°
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment25130Cylindrical Bore Set Screw TypeSingle
maida mixing machine priceJ721X35X7 CRW1 VRound6
flour mixer machine for home170mm310mm110mmCarbon Steel Garter
flour mill attachment for mixer grinderBearings with HousingsRound flange shapeBrass15 °


microwave drying and sterilization machine Part Parameters

atta mixing bowlBall60065Saving Energy
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment91 mm52 mm15/16" Nominal Bore; 1-1/8" Nominal Outside Diameter; 1-1/2" Length Thru Bore; Bushing No Flange Profile; Cast Bronze; SAE660 Material; 15/16" Bore45 +0.062 / 0
flour mixer machine for bakery17,462 mm12,70,0082 Kg91 mm
cookwell instagrind service center50456Quote
flour mixing machine 20kg50520.5450.0
flour mixer machine for home1.125 Inch | 28.575 Millimeter0.938 Inch | 23.825 Millimeter - 0.0
flour dough maker42.5 mmFlat - 0.0
dough kneading machine 1kg40170 mm - 0.0
flour kneader0.545Plain - 0.0
flour blender machine320150265 kNESPA4-4040
flour kneading machine price360 mm200 mm52200
kitchenaid flour mixer170 mm80 mm9.40.938 Inch | 23.825 Millimeter
kitchenaid wheat grinder7.94084833080125.38 mm



microwave drying and sterilization machine Video



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microwave drying and sterilization machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
cabinet type microwave drying machine for insect 1 Set US$1602US$7912
Insect dehydration equipment 50kw belt type microwave dryer machine for tenebrio drying 1 Set US$1242US$6758
Rice kill egg/insect trichomonacida,mould proof, sterilization machine 1 Set US$1949US$6868
Automatic Temperature System Microwave Herbs Dryer and Sterilizer 1 Set US$1394US$6391
Commercial Dryer and New Condition drying machine insects dehydrator equipment 1 Set US$1764US$5269


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