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PTFE fLDric fiberglass cloth used on heat sealing machinery

PTFE fLDric fiberglass cloth used on heat sealing machinery

Product Description PTFE fLDric fiberglass cloth used on heat sealing machinery PTFE coated fiberglass fLDric is made of high performance fiberglass fLDric impreLDated with...
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Product Description

PTFE fLDric fiberglass cloth used on heat sealing machinery

PTFE coated fiberglass fLDric is made of high performance fiberglass fLDric impreLDated with PTFE suLDension emulsion. It is a new high performance and multipurpose composite material.
It is widely used in paper, food, environmental protection, printing & LDeing, apparels, chemicals, glass, pharmaceuticals, electronics, insulation, construction ( membrane ceiling structure), grinding wheel, mechanical etc.

Model Color Thickness Width Weight Temperature Resistance
CT-0008 Brown 0.08mm 1250mm 158±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0008C Black 0.08mm 1250mm 160±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0013A Brown 0.13mm 1250mm 290±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0013B Brown 0.13mm 1250mm 215±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0013C Brown 0.13mm 1250mm 180±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0013G White 0.13mm 1250mm 290±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0018G White 0.18mm 1250mm 310±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0018C Black 0.18mm 1250mm 415±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0025A Brown 0.25mm 1250mm 490±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0025B Brown 0.25mm 1250mm 380±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0025D Brown 0.25mm 1250mm 320±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0025JK Brown 0.25mm 2250mm 490±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0025JK2 Brown 0.25mm 2550mm 490±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0029C Black 0.29 mm 1200mm 400±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0030C Brown 0.30mm 2600mm 5200±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0030JK Brown 0.30mm 2600mm 620±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0035JK Brown 0.35mm 2500mm 670±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0035JK1 Brown 0.35mm 2500mm 620±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0035JK2 Brown 0.35mm 2500mm 560±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0035C Black 0.35mm 2500mm 670±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0040A Brown 0.40mm 2000mm 820±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0045 Brown 0.45mm 3100mm 880±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0050JK1 Brown 0.50mm 2350mm 950±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0050JK Brown 0.50mm 2350mm 900±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0050A Brown 0.50mm 2350mm 1040±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0050B Brown 0.50mm 2350mm 1020±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0055 Brown 0.50mm 1350mm 700±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0065 Brown 0.65mm 2600mm 1150±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0070JK White 0.70mm 2750mm 1200±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0070JK1 White 0.70mm 2750mm 1040±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0073JK White 0.73mm 2750mm 1480±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0075JK White 0.75mm 2750mm 0±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0083 White 0.83mm 2800mm 1740±5g/㎡ 140~360℃
CT-0095 White 0.95mm 3050mm 1740±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0090 Brown 0.90mm 4000mm 1550±5g/㎡ -140~360℃
CT-0090A Black 0.90mm 4000mm 1650±5g/㎡ -140~360℃

Main Features

* High-temperature resistance( -140℃ ~ 360℃).
* Non-sticky and easy to clean.
* Food grade and nontoxic.
* Heat resistance and fireproofing.
* Resistant to chemical corrosion, strong acid and altali.
* Good dimensional stability, high strength, and has good mechanical properties.
* Low friction coefficient (0.05-0.1), the best choice for oil-free self-lubrication.
* LD transmittance up to 6~13 %.
* High insulation properLD (the value of dielectric constant is only 2.6, and the value of ent is less than 0.0025).
* ULDraviolet-proof and anti-static.

Production ProcessClassification

Common industrial grade

High temperature PTFE coated fiberglass fLDric has good heat resistance, corrosion, non-stick properties, mainly used in various industrial fields.

Standard grade

Using imported materials to produce, in addition to good corrosion resistant properties, the surface is more smooth, flat and non-sticky. It can be applied to general industrial, and more advantages in some products used plastic stripping or separation sheets, gaskets and off mold surface.

Food grade

Smooth surface, non-sticky, heat resistance and easy to clean. It is safer to use in the food industry.

Anti static grade (anti-static cloth)

In addition to the traditional performances of PTFE coated fiberglass fLDric, through a special process, so that it has anti-static properties to meet specific customer requirements.

ApplicationCertificationsPack & very



Wooden case


Replace Bearing of PTFE fLDric fiberglass cloth used on heat sealing machinery Parameter list

flour mixer machine for bakery80 mm100 mm10 mmSB 45 61 9 NBR
wheat flour mixing machine9.25 Inch | 234.95 Millimeter0 Inch | 0 Millimeter4.438 Inch | 112.725 MillimeterN/A
dough kneading machine 1kg1.9375 in4.3750 inMetricISO Class 0
wheat mixing machine20 mm52 mm15 mm0.08
wheat mixer3/4 in0.8767 in3117152757,000 mm
atta mixing bowl16020 mmDeep Groove | Double Lip Friction Nitrile Rubber Seal | With Snap Ring | -20 To 120 Deg C | Shell Alvania PrelubricatedSelf-Lubricating Fabric Lining
flour mixing machine for home price57,000B0030890,000 mm172
atta kneader machine price1.575 in4 °223.932SB 45 61 9 NBR
mockmill kitchenaid grain mill attachment20.000 mm37.0000 mm9.00 mm12.38
flour blender machine46,279 mm82,956 mm8082,956
maida mixing machine price9360 NACBB_SR_MM_DB176.03264,000
kitchenaid wheat grinder50,000 mm90,000 mm20,000 mm3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter
flour dough maker21.000 mm90 º1057,000 mm
kitchenaid flour guardABEC 1 | ISO P08000NoSeawater / Low fouling


Replace Pump of microwave conveyor belt Parameter list

flour dough maker80 mm35 mm0,545 KgN/A
flour mill attachment for mixer grinder46,038 mm15,875 mm46,2 mm103 mm
atta kneading machine priceNo50.8 mm3.3 kgB1624-16
wheat mixer1.802108136.078N/A
best atta kneader4.331 Inch | 110 Millimeter2.362 Inch | 60 Millimeter - N/A
atta mixing bowl3.937 Inch | 100 Millimeter1.772 Inch | 45 Millimeter0.762N/A
atta dough making machine1.503 Inch | 38.176 Millimeter1.003 Inch | 25.476 Millimeter0.206N/A
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mockmill kitchenaid attachmentABEC 1 | ISO P0http://www.skf.com3.493N/A
flour kneading machine price108 mm80 mmPlain99.8 %
cookwell instagrind service center140,03 mm57,15 mm46,0382 Seals
grain mill attachmentPlain35 mm0 Inch | 0 Millimeter57,15 mm



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PTFE fLDric fiberglass cloth used on heat sealing machinery Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
L Capacity microwave amylum/takeom powder drying /remove water machinery 1 Set US$1033US$6654
industrial microwave almond roasting machinery 1 Set US$1083US$7513
Full automatic lily/lim browni microwave drying machinery 1 Set US$1681US$7167
50kw Tunnel conveyor belt LLDe microwave drying and sterilizayion machinery for turmeric powder 1 Set US$1251US$5056
High tensile strength PTFE coated fiberglass mesh conveyor belt 1 Set US$1177US$7588
Food processing / fruit, vegetable drying microwave equipment 1 Set US$1624US$6487
Oregano leaves microwave drying sterilization machinery 1 Set US$1785US$6018
Microwave Dryer/Walnut Drying machinery/Peanut Roaster machinery 1 Set US$1497US$6577
Tunnel LLDe Conveyor belt Oregano Dryer machinery/HoneysucLDe Microwave Drying 1 Set US$1870US$7404
Rosebud Microwave LD Dryer/conveyor mesh belt dryer 1 Set US$1670US$5033


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